Be sure that Hayes owns the microfilm before you order from them.
Check the List of Newspapers under "Location" to verify which library
owns the newspaper microfilm.

How to Order Obituaries Online from the Hayes Presidential Center
  1. The charge is $3.00 per obituary (not per person - some people have several obits.)

  2. Click on "Add to Cart" on the record detail page to order an obituary from a newspaper that is owned by the Hayes Presidential Center. A new window for the Shopping Cart will load, leaving the record detail page intact to order more items (if available) from that page. Clicking on the shopping cart icon will show you the contents of your cart.

  3. To go back to the details screen, simply close the Shopping Cart window by clicking on "X" in the upper right hand corner or by hitting alt/tab simultaneously to return to the detail page. You will not lose your order. It will stay in the shopping cart for up to two weeks until you have completed the check out process (the cart uses cookies to store this information).

  4. Clicking on "Check Out" or "Secure Check Out" will bring up forms to fill in for shipping address and credit card information. Follow the instructions to order your obituaries online. This is a secure site verified by a Digital ID. You should see a padlock or key at the bottom of your browser. Double-click (Internet Explorer) or Right-Click (Netscape) on the padlock to view the certificate and verify its authenticity. Information you see or enter on this page cannot easily be read by a third party.

  5. At this time, the shopping cart does NOT accept Discover Card or American Express. It will accept Mastercard and Visa only.

How to Order Obituaries By Mail from the Hayes Presidential Center
  1. The charge is $3.00 per obituary (not per person - some people have several obits.)

  2. Make a list of the name and the citation - newspaper name or abbreviation, date, page, column.

  3. Mail with check made out to "Hayes Presidential Center" for amount -

    (number of obits  x  $3.00)

    Obits on Web
    Hayes Presidential Center
    Spiegel Grove
    Fremont, OH 43420
  4. We will mail you the copies of the obits as soon as we can get to them. The turnaround time will depend on the amount of traffic this web service generates. We will attempt to complete your request within a week of receipt of your check.

It is possible to send you digital versions of the obits via e-mail instead of a paper copy, but we cannot troubleshoot each e-mail transaction. If you or your system are not comfortable with importing large tif or jpeg files, then it is not the easiest method to receive the obits. If you would like to have your obit emailed, please make a note in the Comments box near the end of the online shopping cart form or contact us via email The fee is the same whether it is mailed or emailed.

Besides obituaries, a variety of other sources have been indexed into this database.

Examples of these other sources are probate case files, funeral home records, society membership records, biographical files, brief references in history books, etc. Because these sources can range from one page to fifty or more, we cannot set a standard fee for copying them. Contact the library staff (419-332-2081 or to find out what is available on your individual. Our research fee for this material is $15.00 an hour plus photocopying costs.

Of course, it is always possible for the researcher to visit the Hayes Library in person. Admission to the Library is always free. Copies of the obituaries here are only $.25 each since you do the look-ups! For information about hours and location, try our web site:

Becky Hill
Obits on the Web Coordinator