How to Order Obituaries from the Highland County District Library
RB Hayes Obits
RB Hayes Obits
  1. The charge is $2.50 per obituary (not per person - some people have several obits.)
  2. Make a list of the name and the citation - newspaper name or abbreviation, date, page, column.
  3. 3. Mail with check made out to " Highland County District Library" for amount - (number of obits X $2.50):

    Highland County District Library
    10 Willettsville Pike
    Hillsboro, OH  45133

  4. The HCDL staff will mail you the copies of the obits as soon as they can get to them. The turnaround time will depend on the amount of traffic this web service generates.
Of course, it is always possible for the researcher to visit the Highland County District Library in person. Copies of the obituaries on site are only $.10 each since you do the look-ups! For information about hours and location, try their web site:

Highland County Library only has Highland County newspapers. For other newspapers listed in the Obituary Index, check the List of Newspapers under "Location" to determine which library owns which newspapers:

HCDL Contact Person:
Jennifer West
Phone: 937-393-3114
Fax: 937-393-2985