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How to Order Obituaries from the Akron-Summit County Public Library
RB Hayes Obits
RB Hayes Obits
  1. Orders may be submitted by email (preferred), phone, or U.S. mail.

  2. Limit each order to no more than five items, and submit no more than two orders per month.

  3. Please be specific in your request, including index citations when possible.

  4. There is no charge for items sent electronically. Please let us know which file format you prefer - JPEG or PDF.

  5. A fee of $.05 per copy plus a $1.00 mailing fee will be charged for all copies sent by U.S. mail. Please provide your full name and mailing address with your request. No payment is required up front. We will send an invoice with your copies, and you mail a check or money order to the address provided on the invoice. If you have an Akron-Summit County Public Library card, the charge may be added to your account and you may pat online with a credit card.

  6. All orders will be fulfilled within three weeks.
Newspaper sources we reference in the Ohio Obituary Index include the Akron Beacon Journal and the Akron Beacon Journal Series, which is a microfilm series of earlier newspapers that eventually became the Akron Beacon Journal (the Summit Beacon, the Summit County Beacon, the Akron Daily Beacon, the Akron Beacon & Republican and the Beacon Journal). While we use Akron Beacon Journal Series as a general source in this Index, we cite the specific newspaper in which an obituary appeared when we send a copy.

Library staff and volunteers are adding entries into the Ohio Obituary Index database as time permits. Until the data entry is complete, you may consult the Akron Beacon Journal Indexes, 1841-1939 (check under the "Deaths" heading as well as under the individual's last name) and Akron Beacon Journal Obituary Only Indexes, 1937-2012 on our website at

For more information or to submit an order, contact:

Special Collections Division
Akron-Summit County Public Library
60 South High Street
Akron, Ohio 44326